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Friday, 4 June 2010

Less than a week to go!!

Somehow it is Friday, again!

Plans for the Contemporary Craft Fair are going well. As always, I would have like to do more, but I think I'll have enough stock....

I'm very excited to get down to Bovey Tracey next Thursday and set my table amongst so many other lovely things! If you visit the Fair's website you can click through the exhibitors websites and oooh what a wonderful things you can find!! The danger here for me is that I might spend all that I earn (and hopefully that is lots and lots!) and I also wonder how on earth will I manage to stay by my table when there is soooo much to see!

And not to mention about the workshops: jewellery making, basket weaving, woodcarving, felt making etc. etc. If I was clever enough I would have organized someone to look after my stand day after day whilst I would be spending my days attending one workshop after another! Maybe next time.....
And I suppose I should mention here, in case someone is thinking of attending one of the workshops, that for most them you need to book in advance, but the website will have all the details.

There is also Materials and Making Avenue, a place to buy artist's books and materials, beads, textile supplies etc. so that you can start making your own creations!

I am not too sure how clear this map is (due to my lack of technical abilities), but I thought it would be nice to show it to you. I'll be at the British Toymakers Guild tent, so come and see us there!


Anonymous said...

These two ones, THE real gentlemen!!!

Pidän jo peukkuja pystyssä Devonia varten.
Kuinkas engelsmannit tekevät? Laittavat sormet ristiin? Ja mitäs se tarkoittaa, kun ne koputtelevat sormella nenäänsä, silloinko pitää olla hiljaa?
Vähän hakusessa englantilainen elekieli(kin)...

love äiti

Laura Mirjami said...

Juu, täällä laitetaan sormet ristiin :)
Ja nenaan koputellaan sormella kun haluaa osoittaa toiselle, etta akkas jotain nerokasta ja sitten ollaan vahan niin kuin muita parempia.

Hmm... eipa ollut haavimpi selostus, saakohan tosta oikean kasityksen...??!

Anonymous said...

Jep, selkis!
Eli nyt on peukut pystyssä, molempien käsien etu- ja keskisormet ristissä. Ja kaiken tämän kunniaksi täytyy vähän koputella sormella nenää :D

rakkaudella äiti