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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Frog Notebook

Today after I finished all my orders I thought I would try something a bit different – a true DIY craft project! It is not something I would often do although I used to do that a lot in my past. Nothing used to delight me more than covering a notebook of any kind with magazine clippings. Always something inspirational and fun so that you would be inspired to write, take notes, draw etc.
And today I did exactly that, although instead of magazine clippings I used our pattern that was created for some of our packaging trials but then got a little forgotten.

I love the pattern that has a photographs of Croaker the Frog (who watched the whole process eagerly, I think he was rather pleased to be featuring on the notebook) with lily illustrations by Faisal Khouja. My printer refused to print the entire page and the quality isn’t the best, but the main thing is that I am thrilled with it!

For such a long time I’ve been concentrating in designing and making something that needs to be repeatable or at least sellable, but today was wonderful to let go and just make without a worry how it would actually turn up!

And boy did I need that. Lately life has expertly thrown one obstacle after another and instead of getting too upset about it all, I decided trying to see the silver lining. It is not the easiest to see, but after enough squinting I think I managed to see something and hence I added a lovely quote by Einstein to the cover of my new notebook to remind me how difficult moments in life can be the very ones that changes the course of the world for better.