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Thursday, 25 April 2013

A new promise...

Aren't promises made to be broken?
If so there is not much hope for this coming promise or maybe it is a perfect excuse if I can't keep my promise....
It is a very simple promise...


There, that wasn't so bad at all! Although if you read that carefully I left many get-out clauses in it.... Buy hey, it's a start right?

What I am planning to do is to look back how Mirjami Design came about. What has actually happened in the last three years? Like how did it all really start,  how I became a supplier for Liberty or Colette and how is it all going at the moment. 

I feel like the months and dare I say years have gone by and a lot of it has kind of settled into one big pile of cat played (or our mad terrier torn) cob of wool. And it is not even just one tangled mess, there are other bits hanging from it and many loose threads... Doesn't sound pretty, does it?
But now I would quite like to untangle it.

 This may not be the most exciting journey for you, but for me it is essential. 
I mean look at these boxes of thread I have!

Drawer full of thread that I use... It's particularly fun trying to get of the bobbins :)
Another beautifully organized box of thread....

And another warning: I am putting all my fears and embarrassment to one side about my English language, which is not very good. Full of mistakes and sometimes it all comes out so strangely that it is even hard for myself to follow what I am trying to say! I'd love to say it is all because English is not my mother language, but that would be a lie.... Try to read my Finnish and you'll see it is even worse! I just find it hard to keep to the rules and regulations of proper language!

Previously I would read and reread these posts and get them proofread many times too before I felt comfortable to press the publish button. But from now on it is just going to be how it is.

So please consider this as my spoken word and ignore all the mistakes and skip along when things get too hard or even better let me know and I'll try to explain it all again! Although that could be a long, long road. I do have a tendency to revert from my course very easily...
And just to mention, before you get totally confused,  I also tend to place commas where I think a lovely little pause is needed :)

So there we are, the new journey has begun and hopefully it will be a good one and in the end all my thread will be organized like this box that I hardly use!