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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Tour of the Studio

I had a very nice Spring clean yesterday in my studio and here is a little tour of the space!

From outside.

 As you walk in.

Turn right...

 then left...

then right again...

 and carry on!

 Artist Faisal's lovely lino cut 'Willlos' and some greeting cards based on the other original linos.

 And a few new experimental cushions... hand printed, based on Faisal's original lino cuts. All displays on the side window.

 My workbench.

 More little animals!

 Workbench again.

 Little Pixie that lies on her bed underneath the sink and barks at the customers most of the days (very annoying).

 My workbench from my side.

And from outside the window that looks inside the Brewery Arts corridor.

 Hope you enjoyed the tour!