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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Winter Wonderland

The end of November and the weather has turned very, very cold. The nature looked yesterday as it is made from ice and today started with falling snow flakes.

My workshop is freezing and I so wish that our little wood burner from the sitting room could be moved to my workshop! To our terrier's bliss, I've kept the fire on day and night. She sits on front of it the entire time so at least one of us is nice and warm.
After coming back from a walk with her it is rather amusing to watch her to rush straight back to the cosy fire.

Then I must apologise for those who might actually occasionally read my blog and say that I am really sorry not to have written anything for what feels like forever!

Things just have been so, so busy. It's been now a couple of weeks since the Country Living Fair finished and wow what a time we had at the fair!
I had hardly any finished stock done and at first I thought I would just take orders. Silly me, nobody wants to place an order if the very mouse or owl is sitting on the table looking at them and asking them to take it home!
Therefore I had to sell what was finished and at the same time trying to finish others off!

My stand at the Country Living Fair. 'Less is more' is all I can say about the stand!

I took my lovely old Singer sewing machine with me and at times it stole the show completely. Visitors told me time and time again how their mother had a machine just like mine! And as I praised my little machine and demonstrated how well it works, I learned how many actually still had their mother's old machine, now tucked away somewhere up in the attic. Most of these people left my stand with a new determination to dig that old Signer out and see if it was still working.

Country Living Christmas Fair

The whole fair was a hilarious experience and a true race against the buyers, which I think I won for the most part, but even then there were always those few disappointed customers at the end of the day that came back and their favorite animal was gone and no substitutes :(
So basically we sold the maximum that we possible could have and I just would like to say a HUGE thank you for all those who came by and bought an animal from me. It was wonderful to find so many good homes for them!

So this time I am pleased to say that not only the feedback was good, but the sales too :)))

What was also nice, was to see some good old friends from the previous fair and meet some new, lovely people. I would particularly like to mention Nikki, The Cow Lady , who was next to me at the last fair and who was there again, sadly in a different area, but whose glorious cows were just as charming as ever.

Lovely new neighbours were Nicola and Dagny from who I've got a lovely new purse that is more than perfect and most wonderful scarf that annoyingly I cannot have till Christmas.

We also exhibited at the City of London Club Christmas Fair last Thursday where many more animal paperweights found new homes. It was a rather fun day and just wanted to say thank you for the organizers who looked after us ever so well.

The next very exciting Fair (last one of the season!) will be the Selvedge Magazine Christmas Fair next Saturday. I'm in the process of desperately trying to get more stock done and in fact should go and carry on pretty soon! I'm really looking forward to Saturday and will try to report back as soon as I can.

Isn't is amazing how these spiky chrystals are formed?!