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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Mirjami Design Is Going International!

From November onwards my Mice and Owls can be purchased from Monocle shops around the world!

Monocle is a fantastic magazine created by Tyler Brûlé, none of the less than the founder of Wallpaper and they have several shops around the world. I am so thrilled that my little animals have been accepted to be part of their brand.

SO exciting!

Last time I wrote I was making samples for Monocle to choose from and they decided to have two different mise and two different owls. Now I just have to start making them! It will be busy next couple of months...
And not to mention the Country Living Christmas Fair that is happening in the beginning of November!

I probably shouldn't be mentioning Christmas yet, but I cannot help thinking about it since the coming months are purely for working towards making Christmas stock. In fact, I've been thinking about Christmas... well.... from June onwards! I tried to stop myself getting too carried away before the midsummers, but now it is all about Christmas.

And yet I feel I am already behind with the stock! Typical, but never mind. Nothing makes you work harder than a little bit of stress...

I've also been busy rephotographing my products and coming up with a few new ones that can be all purchased through www.notonthehighstreet.com
It's a really nice online store that I've been accepted to set up my own storefront and at the moment I am in process of uploading photos and putting it all together.

Not only I feel this in another great opportunity, but it has also made me to think about my business a lot more and in a new way. My own website will have a good autumn clean too. (Is it a autumn yet? It feels like it.)

These photos between the text are part of the new 'lifestyle' photography that seems very popular at the notonthehighstreet.com and I think they will be a nice new addition to my website too.
In fact I am supposed to be uploading them right now, but I think there are lot people shopping away during this rainy afternoon and the site is so slow. Hence I've been here writing away.

Anyway, better get on with it now, slow or not.